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May 3, 2020

Case Study – Fashion brand

CLIENT: Fashion brand averaging $500,000.00 p.a. in revenue via Shopify store.
GOAL: Scale revenue, acquire new customers & grow brand awareness with Facebook™ advertising.
RESULT: Grew revenue from $500k p.a. to $25.8m p.a. in 12 months.
1) 50x growth in 12 months

2) Increased Average Order Value (AOV) by 160%

3) New creative testing method improved returns substantially

4) Horizontal & vertical scaling methods around key holiday events

5) Unprecedented market conditions during COVID-19

Interested in Scaling?

Focus outside the norm & let the data guide decision making

Be prepared to try new things

Consistency beats short bursts of effort, every, time.

  • Strategy

    Digital Marketing

  • Client

    Fashion Brand

  • Platform

    Shopify Basic

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