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Facebook will disable Ads for eCommerce stores with Low Facebook Page Scores

From next Wednesday the 29th September, 2020, Facebook is implementing a new policy. They will disable all ads of eCommerce Facebook pages with low scores.

If your brand is currently running ad campaigns via Facebook but haven’t been keeping track of your overall Facebook score. You are now at risk of having your ads disabled from the Facebook platform, as soon as next week.

What is a Facebook Page Score?

If you weren’t aware, Facebook collects feedback from your customers via surveys after they see a Facebook ad. This includes the product, Instagram and Audience Network ads. This feedback gives Facebook a clearer picture of the buyers purchasing experience with your business.

Facebook then uses this data to regulate who is doing the right thing (i.e. providing great products, customer service & fast shipping). Against those doing the wrong thing (i.e. selling poor quality products, providing no support & taking weeks for items to be delivered).

If an online seller is regularly accumulating a lot of negative feedback from shoppers. Facebook will flag this brand as low quality, potentially resulting in the entire disablement of the Facebook Ads platform for that brand.

Facebook page scores are represented in a rank of between 0 and 5. The score is determined by the total amount of feedback recieved by Facebook through its surveys and how long the pages advertising history is.

  • If you have been advertising for less than 1 year and your page score is lower than 2, you will automatically be disabled from running Facebook ads.
  • If you have been advertising for over a year and your page score drops between 2 and 1, your page will see a delivery penalty applied to its ads, with your ability to run Facebook ads not disabled until your score goes below 1.

You can view your Facebook page score here, and if it’s low, it will look like this.

Now that you know what a Facebook page score looks like & how to find it, let’s focus on how to improve it.

How to Improve Your Facebook Page Score

The first thing you will want to update is your delivery speed. The survey is designed to be sent on the predicted delivery date of the items and you run the risk of having your Facebook page penalised for delayed deliveries as a result of COVID-19. If the predicted delivery date isn’t inline with these potential delays at your shipping partners customers will recieve the survey too early, resulting in more negative feedback.

The next step is improving your customer service & support. A low score is usually an indication that people who have purchased via Facebook don’t feel that their product or service met their expectations. Therefore, you can improve your page score – by improving your customer service & being clear, transparent & relevant in your content.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Manage delivery expectations by being as accurate as you can with expected delivery process times, product availability, tracking etc.
  • Always be clear in what you are selling by using detailed videos, accurate images, copy & size charts to ensure all the relevant information is included in your ads so there is no confusion or surprises
  • Be honest and accurate in all customer queries & ensure queries are answered in a timely manner
  • Have a clear & transparent return policy that is well displayed and always honour it
  • Don’t run ads for products that are pre-sale or lanch. If you do run out of a product, be proactive about notifying shoppers that delays are occuring

In short, make sure your customer service is top-notch and in line with your store support to ensure your page score looks like below & you are generating 100% YoY increases in repeat purchases.

Contact us to see how we can assist in ensuring your Facebook strategy is up to date.