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4 Mistakes in Shopify Design That Can Hurt Your Business

Are you relying on Shopify to carry out your e-commerce efforts? If so, understand that your Shopify design can be the difference between making plenty of sales and going bankrupt. Things like lousy functionality can quickly drive your customers mad, forcing them to look for competitors that offer a much better user experience. In other words, your Shopify design can affect your revenues, and you will want to avoid all the design mistakes other people make if you’re going to ensure success.

With that said, here are the common Shopify design mistakes you must avoid to improve your revenue:

Mistake 1. You Are Using Too Many Fonts

Using many fonts might seem like a great design idea at first. However, this will quickly make your store look unprofessional and crowded, hurting the user experience. As such, you will want to avoid using more than one or two fonts on the whole website. Also, avoid any hard-to-read fonts, like cursive. The safest route you can follow is to stick to standard fonts like Roboto, which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.

Mistake 2. You Are Using Low-Quality Images

Pictures are a great way to give more insight into a product. For example, if you are selling a phone, then a picture of the phone will help to allow the customer to moreso understand what they’re going to purchase. Unfortunately, low-quality images will do the total opposite. Not only do low-quality pictures confuse customers, but they can cause your audience to assume you and your products are unreliable. As such, you must always upload high-quality pictures with the help of a professional, along with an expert editor, to ensure the picture motivates customers to buy.

Mistake 3. You Are Splashing in Too Many Colours

Colours, when used wisely, can engage customers and interest them in your products more. Unfortunately, the wrong use of colours can do the total opposite. Mismatching colours or using colours that are unenticing can drive customers away, hurting revenue. For that reason, when working on your Shopify design, it is vital to pick simple colours that complement each other. A good start is to use a triadic colour scheme that utilises three complementary colours based on your existing brand. This will help the whole website feel unified and professional.

Mistake 4. You Are Implementing More Than One Pop-up

Pop-ups are a great way to focus a visitor’s attention on something important, like an ongoing promotion. However, the constant bombardment of pop-ups is simply a nuisance and annoyance. No one wants to be held back halfway looking through products and services from pop-ups that do not interest them. Avoid this issue by ensuring pop-ups are limited to only once or twice per visit. Any pop-ups must also be relevant to the visitor, such as offering a way to sign up for loyalty bonuses and the like. This way, customers won’t feel too negative about your pop-ups and even appreciate that you offer them extra value!


There are many other mistakes you can end up making in Shopify design, such as forgetting to make it mobile-friendly, not explaining your value as a brand, and offering crowded menus that can seriously hurt your website’s performance. Because of this, we implore you to keep these mistakes in your heart and do your best to avoid them at all costs. If you are unsure how to avoid these mistakes or need help spotting any other mistakes you’ve made, we recommend hiring a professional to assist you. Shopify experts are out there and ready to assist you in coming up with the perfect Shopify design that will do nothing more than maximise your revenue, increase your online reach, and overall help grows your business.

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