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Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has numerous benefits and is all about making task simpler. Most importantly taking all those exhaustive, administrative and repetitive tasks out of the core processes of your marketing teams hands. For instance manual processes in digital marketing can mostly be automated to minimise labour hours and maximise efficiency. Let’s go over the top 4 reasons you should consider implementing marketing automation to benefit your business.

1. Saving Time with marketing automation

Flagging emails, forwarding prospect emails to the right party, keeping spreadsheets with every lead and updating as you go. These manual processes are something of the internet 10 years ago but not today. Firstly, the lead capture process can be automated down to the individual. Leading to improved response times and potentially moving the needle on conversion. Secondly, as prospects get bombarded more and more every day with marketing messaging their attention span has shortened. This has led to conversion cycles shortening, so speed and efficiency in your marketing processes has never been more important.

2. Scalability & the benefits

There are many benefits in creating a marketing stack with it’s foundation in automation. Firstly, using the right tools can put your business in a position to manage scaling more effectively. Potentially removing the risk around scaling. Secondly, bottlenecks are the bug bear of all CEOs/Managers. Subsequently being the kind of marketing manager who removes bottlenecks, well ahead of time, could earn you a promotion.

“ We are really thrilled to find Mark & the team at Relevant Digital. They subsequently solved all my IT and website issues very efficiently. Moreover they helped me better understand and implement marketing automation using Shopify & Mailchimp. Mark is a great communicator and I will definitely work with him and the team again. . – Kristina F. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

” Relevant were such legends. Incredibly responsive, gave good suggestions, and provided helpful tools to walk through the process. 10/10 will definitely work with again. ” – Dave G ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. Budget more efficiently

If you automate marketing processes you remove the requirement for unnecessary labour costs, benefiting the business. This capital can then be reallocated into a larger marketing spend or acquiring new technology. In turn future proofing that incredible marketing automation benefit stack you are developing. Above all, automation of tasks frees your mental budget which you can then reinvest. Either in your team or ticking off those 50 problems that accumulated this week.

4. Better defined KPIs

If your marketing team moves towards the benefits of marketing automation it is likely that automation allows further tracking, This in-turn allows further data analysis and improving the ability to bring logical decision making to the table at the next board meeting, you’ll have those figure hungry CEO’s eating out of the palm of your hand in no time with the amount of data points being generated and communicated in the most palatable of board room meals. Use those figures to become leaner and meaner with your KPI’s and free your team up to point the finger at sales if your team and its automation are infact moving the needle!

4 Benefits of marketing automation

Hopefully these 4 benefits can start you on the path to automating your marketing and saving time! Some great platforms we use as part of our marketing automation include Zapier, Hubspot & Trello.

If you’d rather let the experts setup a marketing automation funnel to benefit your business – simply contact us!