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E-Commerce Websites Need A Blog

We have put together a list of three reasons why e-commerce websites need a blog. And above all is critical to the success of your e-commerce website.

A blog is a great place to share tips, articles, how to videos, lists or articles on your products and services. Regular content that engages, entertains and excites your prospects and customers gives your brand a voice. Leading to a rise in awareness of your product range and expertise.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

A blog is a critical part of your ecommerce website. For example a blog provides educational content that can be crawled by search engines. This makes your website more searchable by topic. In turn generating more visitors to your website.

Blogs serve to improve the performance of your Search Engine Optimisation. Through answering customer queries on your website. Writing content that includes all the relevant targeted keywords, titles, readability and meta descriptions. Will in time, give search engines the opportunity to index your site. Leading to an improvement in your search engine ranking. Which is ultimately critical for improving organic traffic to your store.

2. Increase Traffic To Your Online Store

Increase Traffic With An E-Commerce Blog

It important to put the effort into building an incredible store. But that effort is only worthwhile is you have enough traffic visiting your online store, to purchase your products. Without the traffic, your efforts will be wasted. For example, Sharing your blog posts across social media, and posting it to other websites/providers will increase your chances of generating traffic.

Further, treat your blog articles like a source of information and serve appetisers to your articles via social media. For instance you could write a blog about the 5 hottest bags in Australia right now. Then link to each bag in 5 separate social media posts. Consequently branching off the content you are creating to create multiple social media posts.

3. Improve Your Communication Skills

Writing is a skill and like all skills it can be learned. Above all, writing great blogs on your e-commerce website with relevant, engaging and easy to read content is vital to the success of your blog SEO performance. 

Here are 3 critical factors in the success of writing for your blog:

  1. Consistency – Most importantly, writing a new piece of content once a week and aim to do it every week for 6 months. This subsequently shows Google you are working to improve your page rank and provide quality content for your customers.
  2. Relevance – Google is constantly measuring the relevance of your content based on how it is engaged with. Similarly, it is important your content reflects the connection between your products and your customers needs.
  3. Structure – Great content consists of sentences with 20 words or less. Meanwhile relevant paragraphs, transition words and active language all contribute to your SERP. Secondly, combine these with engaging content that adds value to your customers, and you’re onto a winner.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on why your e-commerce websites need a blog. However, if you’d prefer an expert handled your e-commerce blog, contact us now.