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5 Effective Marketing Tips to Grow Your Shopify Sales 2021

Getting your Shopify store up and running — establishing the groundwork, stocking products and driving traffic to it — takes a lot of work. Getting people to trust and buy from you, however, is a different ballgame. 

The most common reason why many Shopify store owners fail to meet their income targets is that they lose sight of their plan. (Or they didn’t have one in the first place.)

Here are some terrific tips to make sure you stay on track to hit sales targets this 2021. Read on!

1. Focus on Copy That Sells

Writing is difficult. Most professionals who do it for a living don’t necessarily relish writing day in and out. However, it’s a proven fact that well-written copy or content makes you stand out from the mob and win customers over.

You want perfect headlines with a subtle conversational tone. If you wouldn’t use a term or phrase in a conversation with a pal, don’t use it in emails or on your website (a 4th-grade reading level is perfect, seriously).

Also, avoid blocks of text. Copy that is short and choppy is your friend.

2. Reward Loyal Customers

Implementing a loyalty program for repeat customers is another fantastic concept from Shopify’s marketing techniques. 

This will keep customers interested in your shop and may even entice them to return. A loyalty program is a good step in any customer journey since it makes current customers feel valued for supporting your store’s vision and products.

A simple promotion like five purchases to get free shipping on the next one can significantly affect your customer retention rate.

3. Personalisation

Bland checkout and landing pages are so 2012, particularly when it comes to eCommerce stores.

Nowadays, it’s all about creating content that is personal and relevant to your consumers – and nothing is more personal than communicating with an actual individual. 

You may, for example, entrust your company’s brand to an Instagram influencer who correlates with your target consumers. In the minds of your clients, his face and your brand will become two sides of the same coin.

When communicating with consumers, utilise their names in the emails you send. Every such small detail has the power to make your customers feel appreciated and increase their confidence to purchase your products and services.

4. Start a Targeted Email Campaign

Email marketing is a low-cost but effective tool for reaching out to customers. Using it well may help you take your business to the next level, build a dynamic relationship with your loyal customers and sell more.

Consistent contact via email keeps your brand fresh in the minds of your customers. It allows you to advertise new releases and draw the attention of a targeted audience, providing you with a fantastic opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell to your customers. 

According to Microsoft, 68 per cent of customers improved their brand’s impression after receiving customer service notifications.

5. Put Up Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most potent tools in eCommerce for increasing consumer trust. It has the potential to become much more powerful and result in significantly more sales as your business expands. 

Studies show that 77 per cent of buyers check reviews before purchasing a product because they likely depend on social evidence to make their final decision.

It’s a common practice, as 92 per cent of 18-34-year-olds seek advice from friends and family before making a purchase. And, as an online business owner, it’s one of your most essential tools, as well as a creative resource that piques your audience’s attention and helps them decide whether or not your brand is trustworthy.


Today’s online companies can’t afford to ignore trends in the eCommerce industry if they don’t want to fall behind competitors. As an online business owner, you should consider using these tips to increase sales and stay up to speed on eCommerce news relevant to your sector. This will help you maintain your Shopify sales more than ever before.

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