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Is Paid Media the Answer to Declining Organic Reach?

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When it comes to organic reach, not much has changed in recent years. The average number of individuals who read social media posts without any boosted targeting remains low.

It’s out in the open that social media platforms operate on a pay-to-play approach. The average organic post reach on a Facebook Page is roughly 5.20 per cent. That means around one out of every 19 of your audience views your non-promoted material. Increasing your advertising spend is the most straightforward strategy to increase distribution and direct sales.

Why Is Your Facebook Organic Reach Declining?

If you’ve been maintaining a Facebook Business Page for a while, you’ve probably observed a decrease in the number of your followers watching and interacting with the organic posts you publish. Here’s why:

More Advertisement Content Competing for News Feed Space

In short, there is much too much information being shared on Facebook, making visibility in the News Feed increasingly tricky. And, rather than presenting all accessible material, Facebook is moving towards displaying the most relevant content to users.

Changes to Facebook’s News Feed in 2018

You may have experienced a more significant drop in your Facebook content’s organic reach due to a significant adjustment to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

According to Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s Head of News Feed, in January 2018, Facebook began to “adjust ranking to make News Feed more about engaging with people and less about consuming information in isolation.”

As a result, marketing material was poised to take a back seat to content from friends and family – a value Facebook claims it once had and is attempting to reclaim.

So, Should You Pay?

While organic social media has its advantages, data reveal that followers notice only 10 per cent of organic postings. Even a Facebook page with over a million likes only has a 2.27 per cent organic engagement rate. That’s quite tough. As a small company owner, you may be thinking that it’s difficult enough to gain followers, to begin with, and now you’re telling me that the majority of them don’t read my posts in the first place?

As a result, sponsored social media has become a must-have tool for all marketers. You can target particular demographics, analyze ROI and KPIs, and track customers through each stage of the funnel using sponsored social, all while remaining within your budget.

How to Deal with Facebook’s Declining Organic Reach

Now that you know how Facebook surfaces content let’s look at some strategies for coping with the drop in organic Page reach.

1. Don’t Forget About Facebook Live

Start streaming on Facebook Live if you haven’t already. Users spend 3X more time viewing live broadcasts than standard videos on the site, so if you’re worried about your organic reach, try experimenting with live content. Advertise what you’re doing on several platforms to build attention, broadcast for at least ten minutes (at a minimum) to help your broadcast appear in the News Feed, and provide accurate, behind-the-scenes information to attract and engage your audience.

2. Pay for Boosted Content Targeting

It comes at a cost, but another simple strategy to combat the loss in organic reach of your social media postings is to use the numerous advertising choices at your disposal to boost the reach of your updates.

Unless you enjoy wasting money on ineffective outcomes, targeting is your greatest friend here. Knowing your consumer is critical since there are SO many different methods to target social marketing.

Consider your audience for each update, tailor the content to those individuals, and carefully target them with your FB’s excellent ad manager.

3. Put More Emphasis On Facebook Videos

Facebook video content attracts a decent amount of engagement. If you think about it, you’ll spend more time with a video post since it takes longer to watch than it does to read. Most individuals spend roughly five times as much time watching videos as reading short or long-form content.

Videos have more involvement and hence get displayed more frequently in the news feed.


Although organic social media will always have a place in marketing, organizations will need to adopt sponsored social advertising sooner or later to get the most out of their efforts.

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