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Every Meta Account Strategy is Unique

We’re pretty proud of our processes (sorry for the buzz word 😬) and sharing learnings across accounts.

But as much as we try to make accounts and setups similar, every brand is unique, therefore their campaign is likely going to be custom to their requirements and growth opportunities:

I’ve shared four campaign setups we’ve used this year AND seen success with…

1) Location Tiers 🌍

Campaigns segmented per country or location based on priority, i.e if you’re a AU brand but want to grow into USA, separating this out into it’s own campaign so we can control the budget and track KPIs. An example for a brand who already sells across multiple locations is:

– Tier 1 Campaign – AUS, UK, USA + Canada
– Top performing audiences per campaign (broad / lookalike stack / interest stack) + Evergreen ads
– Tier 2 Campaign – France, Germany, Belgium
– Tier 3 Campaign – Any new location opportunities or countries with low conversion rate

2) Collection or Product Focus 👚

Controlling the budget per collection or product type by segmenting them with campaigns, this allows the brand to understand and control which SKUs are being pushed, this also supports seasonality and stock management. Example of a brand which uses this setup:

– TOF – Carry Over (items from previous seasons, best sellers, high stock)
— Audiences relevant per collection or product + product specific ads – carousels, single image, collection ads
– TOF – SS22 (new products, supporting seasonality)
– TOF – Childrenswear (a smaller collection which may not be prioritised in a consolidated campaign setup)

3) Evergreen + Testing 🌲

The most consolidated campaign setup we use, while all accounts will use a Testing campaign to audit new creative and control that testing budget, this setup consolidates all winning creatives into one Evergreen campaign which we will scale as we hit KPIs. Example of a brand using this setup:

– TOF Evergreen
— Top performing audiences (broad / lookalike stack / interest stack) + Evergreen ads
– TOF Testing
— Ad set per new concept (view our testing post here: 

4) Evergreen + Offer 💰

A number of our brands (FMCG for example) scale with acquisition offers such as introduction offers or AOV increasing offers like “buy one case, 50% of your second case” or “free gift with every order” Example of a brand using this setup:
– TOF Evergreen
— Ads and audiences that won’t be impacted by offers as they launch and end (life after offer!)
– TOF Offer = Buy 1 Get 50% Off
— Ads and audiences specific to this offer so that performance is controlled in a campaign

Our campaign setups differ across accounts because every product, demographic and buyer is different and requires specific testing to deliver the best result.