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4 Facebook Ads Myths That You Should Not Pay Attention To

Facebook continues to be the largest social media network online, but there was a time when people saw it as the domain of college students and other tech sleuths. 

One big reason for this is the array of misconceptions that have been spread about advertising on Facebook. In order to dispel these myths and make sure you’re making full use of your Facebook advertising budget, here are some of the most common myths about Facebook advertising.

1. People Ignore Facebook Ads

You may think that people aren’t paying attention to your Facebook ads, but the reality is that they probably are—just not in the way you think. According to a study by AdEspresso, people are more likely to form an opinion about your product or service when they see your ads. As a result, you have a better chance of converting that opinion into an actual sale.

2. Facebook is Not a Useful Tool for Business

For many small business owners trying to build their brand, it can seem like Facebook is a big waste of time. After all, it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything to build their business. Facebook advertising can help your business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Driving Traffic: You can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website or a specific page on your site.
  • Building Your Email List: You can use your ads to get people to sign up for your newsletter or opt-in for your email list.
  • Building Brand Recognition: Facebook ads can help you introduce your brand to a new audience.
  • Generating Leads: Your Facebook ads can also help you generate leads by getting people to fill out a form on your site or by getting them to request more information.

3. You Need Professional Photos and Art

There is a misconception that you need professional photos and artwork to create a successful Facebook ad campaign. This is not the case. While having professionally-made photos and artwork can help, you can get started with just about any type of content.

4. You Need to Set Up Retargeting for All Site Visitors

If your Facebook ads aren’t converting, many people believe that the solution is to set up retargeting ads. Retargeting ads are ads that are shown to website visitors who didn’t convert. The idea behind retargeting is that they will see your ads again, and this time they will convert. The problem with this approach is that retargeting ads aren’t effective because they focus more on your brand than on your products or services.

While retargeting ads can be useful, you shouldn’t use them as a way to avoid fixing other problems with your Facebook ads. The first step in fixing your Facebook ad campaign is to analyse your ads to see what’s causing them not to convert or not to generate as many leads as you want.

Use Facebook Ads Today

There are several misconceptions surrounding Facebook ads, and thankfully, they are just that: myths. Now that we’ve debunked some of these common myths about Facebook advertising, you can spend your money more wisely and grow your business. 

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