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Holiday SEO Hacks to Boost Sales for Online Businesses

You already know that shoppers go on a spending spree during the holidays to take advantage of significant discounts from both online and physical stores. The holiday season is also a good time for small businesses to attract customers and persuade leads to buy from them. This is why companies must have a solid organic digital presence. Which position is more important than being on the first page of search engines?

Most online (and offline) shoppers begin their shopping journey with a search engine. As a result, optimising your website should be a top priority to attract new customers. A  successful SEO approach drives your website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) ahead of holiday-related search volume increases. More and more businesses are investing in digital marketing services to help them with effective strategies.

Here are a few SEO methods to help you rank effectively for high-value keywords, resulting in more significant online and in-store traffic and sales.

1. Design Holiday Landing Pages

A new holiday colour scheme will entice new visitors and be updated with seasonally appropriate keywords. Keyword research will help you identify the most promising content generation options. Because most search engine crawlers index your home page content, make sure it meets holiday criteria.

Increase the number of pages dedicated to holiday sales and promotions on your website. It could be one or two pages promoting specials or a separate page for each of your holiday sale items. When creating these pages, keep SEO in mind as well. 

2. Optimise Deal Pages

Consider adding a “Discounts and Sales” page to your website. This way, you can maintain it updated with ongoing specials throughout the year, incorporate it into your link-building plan, and optimise it for clients seeking site promo codes especially.

Deal pages are an excellent replacement for often updated landing pages. Deal sites are more likely to retain their relevance over time and have high page authority. November is the month for companies to optimise offer sites’ titles, descriptions, and headings. Optimisations should be available throughout and just before holidays to allow engines to crawl and index the content.

3. Examine Last Year’s Trends for Keyword Ideas

Finding holiday prospects by reviewing the prior year’s search trends and behaviour is an excellent place to start. In September, begin determining the terms you wish to target. Keywords should generate significant search traffic while being relevant to the business.

Following selecting the most relevant holiday keywords, SEO teams should categorise them according to user intent. Each keyword group should correspond to a distinct landing page or content void. These themes provide a foundation for content creation and on-page SEO.


It will take time for your SEO plan to take hold and start working, and Google’s algorithm will not work twice as hard just because it is the holiday season. As a result, if you want to attract and keep Christmas consumers, now is the time to review your SEO strategy and make necessary changes.

Collaborate with your digital marketing team or agency to define your top priorities before the Christmas season, and then use the suggestions above to guide your strategy.

Let Relevant Digital assist you with your SEO strategies that convert business marketing to sales this holiday season! We are a digital marketing agency in Melbourne that helps businesses with their technical SEO, speed optimisation, ad campaigns, from ad creation to campaign management. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you!