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How to Improve an E-Commerce Digital Marketing Plan in 2021

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Midway into 2021, it can still be a challenge for some e-commerce companies to navigate the digital landscape. It’s a space that’s always buzzing with updates about COVID-19, along with people’s experiences in coping and recovering from the crisis. With schools and offices moving online, there are more than enough people on their computer screens now.

However, with that shift in number also comes a change in how a consumer chooses a brand and makes a purchase. So many people are focusing their budget on getting essential goods more than anything right now. It can be a good opportunity for online businesses to take over retail and help those in need.

Many would like the convenience of getting their things while staying indoors, and there’s been a huge spike in the types of products being purchased. Whether a brand is doing well or not, it’s still ideal to form an effective e-commerce digital marketing plan that will increase your following conversion rate.

Here’s just a couple of strategies that you can use:

Utilise Email Marketing

More people are adhering to checking their emails now that everyone is staying at home. There’s never been a perfect time to connect with your customer base and engage in email marketing. It can be effective in sharing texts and media with your audience. 

Send in notifications about products that can be of use to them in these trying times and give them something to look forward to. Remember to incorporate a more personable tone and style into your writing instead of merely pushing what you’re selling to a consumer.

Communicate on Social Media

Many internet users are also active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Rising networks like TikTok have also grown in the number of users too. Talk to your customers and provide content that can get your e-commerce business out there. 

Engagement can also make your audience and followers have increased interest in what your brand has to offer and how it deals with customers. Many use it as an avenue of customer service and to respond to concerns or inquiries people may have. 

Optimise Your PPC Campaigns

Advertising is vital in a marketing campaign. For digital marketing, the equivalent of that would be pay-per-click campaigns. Increase your quality and efficiency instead of just creating a lot of PPC ads. You’ll get more out of your budget and better results by using relevant keywords that can target people who are likely to buy your product. 

Share Your Stories to the Press

With many people looking to news outlets, it’s a good time for e-commerce businesses to share their stories of positivity and fun. Everyone could go on some excellent news this 2021, so share what your company has done for a certain community. Funny, relatable moments can also make for a good story for a number of journalists.  


In summary, marketing online can be effective with the right strategies to help connect an e-commerce business with possible leads and consumers. It’s also a plus that you can provide helpful products and a good distraction once in a while. 

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