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Influencer marketing on Tik Tok

If you’re doubting influencer marketing on TikTok…

It’s time you saw the Dunkin’ case study 👇🏾

A couple years back Dunkin’ had a major problem.

Whilst they were serving 55-year-olds, Starbucks were becoming a global megastar.

They had to make a change…
So, they set their sights on Gen Z 👀

Then recruited an influencer to help them with their task.

Not just any influencer though…

They chose Charli D’Amelio 🔥

And let’s just say they didn’t have to wait long to get an ROI on this one…

📈 57% increase in downloads (ON DAY 1)
🥤 100K+ “The Charli” drinks sold (IN 5 DAYS)
📊 20% increase in cold brew sales

But those stats don’t even touch the surface of the real ROI Dunkin’ had…

👶🏻 Dunkin’ gained a HUGE Gen Z customer base
👚 Allowed them to roll out merchandise
🖼️ Revolutionised Dunkin’s brand image

Not bad results for just a “dancing app” right?

It’s time we started putting some respect on TikTok’s name 👏🏾