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One of the few times Steve Jobs admitted he was wrong

“You’re right, I’m wrong!”

Apparently this was one of the few times Steve Jobs admitted he was wrong… 

I heard this story on a podcast, here’s how it goes…

Steve Jobs was creating a 30-second commercial to officially launch the iPad. 

He instructed his marketing team that there were 5 key messages to get across to the audience. 

Marketing Team: “5 is too many, let’s focus on 1”.

Steve Jobs: “No. It has to be 5”

Someone from the marketing team then screwed up 5 sheets of paper and said “catch” as all 5 were thrown at Steve at once. 

Steve caught none of the pieces of paper. 

Marketing team: “That’s what happens when you throw 5 things at someone at once” 

The same guy then screwed a single sheet of paper and threw it at Steve, again saying “catch”

Steve caught it.

“That’s what happens when you deliver 1 key message, Steve”

Apparently, this is one of the very few times Steve Jobs said

“you’re right, I’m wrong!”

When you’re reaching out to your prospects do you try to share too much at once? 

when cold calling, emailing etc focus your message on just 1 thing (2 at most!). 

Don’t throw too much at them at once. 

Make sure your prospects catch the point of your message.