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Longtail Keywords—What They Are and How to Use Them

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In your attempt to improve your website’s SEO, you may have run into something called longtail keywords. As you are aware by now, keywords are essential in boosting your website’s rank and is a part of all SEO strategies. It connects a website’s content to the user’s query on a search engine, and the better a specific website addresses specific keywords, the higher its rank will be. 

However, keywords have a problem. Everyone is using them, meaning competition is high. This is where longtail keywords come in.

What are longtail keywords?

Longtail keywords are like your typical keywords, except that they’re long. Because of its length, longtail keywords are pretty specific and addresses a niche. As such, trying to implement them can be quite a challenge, especially if you aren’t too knowledgeable about implementing keywords into your content while sounding natural. Fortunately, longtail keywords come with many benefits, making the effort of using said keywords incredibly valuable and worth it!

What are the benefits of using longtail keywords?

The first and obvious benefit of longtail keywords is that there is much less competition around them. This is because longtail keywords are niche and specific, making them highly relevant to a particular audience. For example, instead of “cheap cars,” a longtail keyword version of this would be “cheap cars to buy in 2021.” As you can see, the latter is much more specific and highly relevant to any user looking to buy cheap cars.

Another benefit of using longtail keywords is that any customer that shows up is a high-quality lead. This is because such a customer already has something in mind when querying anything related to your longtail keywords. This allows you to reach your target audience much easier and give you access to higher quality leads.

Finally, longtail keywords are a great source of inspiration for you! With general keywords, you may be tearing your hair out trying to figure out what content to write. With longtail keywords, the ideas are much more specific and can be greatly helpful in getting you started creating content.

Is there anything I have to keep in mind when using longtail keywords?

Although longtail keywords seem to offer endless amounts of benefits, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful using them. There are things to bear in mind when utilising longtail keywords to ensure you aren’t wasting your time and effort.

For example, despite the name “longtail,” you shouldn’t go too long. You should aim for a maximum of ten words and a minimum of six. Otherwise, you risk people not searching your longtail keywords. Another warning to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t entirely rely on longtail keywords. Short keywords are still a must, and working together, can give you thorough coverage over the possible keywords you can use and maximise your reach to the audience. Finally, understand that, just like any other SEO effort out there, longtail keywords will take some time to produce results!


If you haven’t yet implemented longtail keywords into your SEO strategy, do so! This will give you an added advantage over competitors that haven’t implemented longtail keywords. Plus, with the benefits to be had with longtail keywords, you can’t go wrong implementing them to boost your online presence and reach out to your audience! That said, always be mindful about balancing between longtail keywords and your other SEO strategies. This way, you do not put all your eggs into one basket, ensuring that if your longtail keyword efforts do not work, you can work on it while the other strategies produce results!

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