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Things to Avoid Doing When Running an eCommerce Business

If you want your business to thrive in the online world, you must learn to apply digital marketing strategies that will put you out there. When you get more shoppers to discover your eCommerce website, you increase your chances of gaining more customers in the long run.

Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can expect to publish targeted content to help you attain a higher online ranking on search engine results. The next time buyers look for products or services online, your website can appear and convince them to check out your offers!

However, applying SEO tactics involves making sure you’re doing it right, so you know your efforts won’t go to waste and your business continues to benefit from it. Keep reading below to learn what you shouldn’t do when optimising your eCommerce website to reach your goals.

Not Adding Descriptions to Your Products and Services

Since you’re selling your products online, you have to guarantee that search engines will see them, allowing your brand to appear on search results. However, without taking the time to write down descriptions for each of your products, users will have a hard time learning about your business!

If you publish product images and skip adding information about them, they become invisible to search engines. Failing to provide descriptions reduces your chances of gaining new customers. Instead, you should create content and talk about your products in full detail.

Duplicating Information from Your Manufacturer

Once your manufacturer releases your products to you and they come with descriptions, you should never copy the information they gave you and use that as your product description. While you can retain the technicalities, you should remain unique and explain the products in your own ways!

If you don’t, you could get a penalty from Google for duplicating content that isn’t yours. Rather than put you in the spotlight, Google will ban your content from appearing on search results, losing your chances of expanding your online reach. When you can’t think of the perfect product description, you can hire a digital marketing agency to provide their assistance.

Forgetting About Highlighting Customer Reviews

You need to display reviews on your eCommerce website because they serve as proof to your future customers that your products are worth buying because other people are doing it too. They stand as social proof to convince other consumers to give your products a try, or they could miss out on something great!

When a customer ends up loving your product more than they thought, you can expect them to leave a review on their own without having to ask for it. However, most of the time, you have to reach out to your previous customers and ask them to write a review during their free time.

Using the Wrong Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

Applying SEO means ensuring your keyword usage is correct and relevant to your eCommerce business. Since you’re managing your web content and ensuring you have product descriptions, titles, and headlines written down, you shouldn’t forget about your keywords too.

You must carefully select the terms you plan to use and apply keywords you know are related to what you’re offering online and what most of your customers use on search engines. For you to learn what keywords your prospects are using, you could look at the matter from their perspective or hire digital marketing services for help.


Managing an eCommerce website is hard work, but it becomes worth it in the end once you see the results roll in, with more customers finding out about your brand as the days pass by. When you’re incorporating SEO into your digital marketing methods, you should remember to avoid doing the things above if you want to succeed online. Working with a professional web design company is also crucial for your eCommerce business because they already know what works and what doesn’t, and they understand what’s best for you.

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