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4 Effective Marketing Tactics to Boost Sales on Shopify

Running a business online powered by platforms like Shopify can be a lot tougher than it appears on the surface. While the platform has certainly made it possible for aspiring business owners to delve into the world of online selling, it doesn’t guarantee that it will get you the customers you want. 

Shopify isn’t the magnet that will draw in traffic. It is merely a tool that can make everything easier for website owners and visitors. The attraction is and has always been proper marketing, which you have total control over. Here are ways to draw in more people and increase the chances of making a sale.

4 Tactics that Boosts Shopify Sales

1. Limited-Time Offers and Sales

To make more money, you have to spend money. Deals always attract crowds no matter what income bracket they’re in. So consider making limited offers and sales on a periodical basis to draw in people to your site. 

People often don’t like paying full price, so marking a few items here and there can help get rid of old inventory, make sales from those sniffing out a good bargain, and increase the rate of returning customers.

Sales and limited offers can ignite a sense of urgency that shoppers often don’t have on a regular day. Getting things with a percentage off can feel like a victory for these shoppers.

2. Featuring Best Sellers on the Home Page

The home page of a website is where shoppers can get first impressions. These newcomers often need recommendations from the shop itself, which is why there should be a section where you can highlight what other shoppers love the most. Knowing what most people like can convince others to give it a try. 

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to sell other items. Once people get a good impression of your business, they may warm up to the idea of buying again.

3. Incentivised Purchases

The ultimate goal is often perceived as making the final sale, which is not necessarily true. The real accomplishment is bagging a repeat customer. These types of customers not only choose to spend their hard-earned money on the merchandise you provide, but they also help boost marketing through word of mouth.

4. Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers has become a very successful marketing technique that more companies have invested in. It works so well because the audience trusts their opinions. 

Shopify businesses often give influencers promo codes that save their followers some money upon purchase. These codes are usually a good way to determine if the campaign was a success or not. 


Marketing plays a vital role in the success of eCommerce businesses. Since the market is so extensive and diverse, it is almost impossible to stand out from the crowd and compel more people to buy your products. But with these surefire tactics and with a bit of guidance from talented experts, your business can start noticing some growth in a matter of weeks.

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