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7 Facebook Advertising Benefits You Need to Know

According to H. Tankovska,  Facebook reported almost 1.88 billion daily active users. This number shows a significant amount of people that you can potentially reach through a Facebook Advertisement. If you are not maximizing Facebook yet as your platform for promotion, you are missing out on a huge opportunity and portion of your audience. 

Social media platforms like Facebook are now dominating modern-day society. Because of this, there are many things you can miss if Facebook is not on your marketing strategy. Facebook Advertising can work wonders, especially if you are a business owner who wants to target specific audiences and reach more people. 

To give you an idea, here are the top 7 benefits of using Facebook for your marketing efforts: 

1. Ad Results Are Easy to Track

Facebook has become the leader in social media. Because of this, they have been able to create advanced tools to help businesses advertise online. By using Facebook Business Manager, you can directly measure your ad results using Facebook’s Pixel, wherein you can see how many clicks, impressions, and conversions your ad has reached. It helps you to determine if your Ad is successful and gives you data to understand how people interact with your website. With this tool, you can effectively place an Ad that will be effective, as you have data to back it up.  

2. Boosts Customer Attribution

Customer Attribution is the measure of how many times your target audience sees your brand. Given that many people use Facebook, placing an Ad on the platform can give you a higher chance of customer attribution. Your Ad can make people remember your brand, and most likely, they can turn into your customer. 

3. Requires Lower Acquisition Cost

Facebook Ads can help you acquire leads without spending too much. In addition, integrating PPC marketing with it may bring quality results to your business’ sales. 

4. Creates Audience Engagement

Your Ads placed on Facebook can also allow you to create audience engagement. By engaging with users, you can learn your audience’s behaviour, interests, and needs to apply to future campaigns. Engagement in your Ads is the audience’s comments, shares, likes, and interactions. With higher engagement, you’ll connect with a broader range of similar audiences. 

5. Acquires Website Visitors

One of the best features of Facebook’s Pixel is that it allows you to retarget users that have visited your site before. This helps with conversion rates, engagement, and brand trust. By showing accurate, relevant information to your target customer, you’re able to achieve an ROI that is measurable. 

6. Allows Campaign Adjustments

Facebook Ads allow you to adjust your marketing approach based on the data provided to achieve better results. Compared to other types of advertising such as TV, prints, and radios, this kind of adjustment is not available, which is why it has become the dominant ad platform. 

7. Stand Out From Competitors

You have the chance to stand out from the competition using compelling and engaging creatives and copy. Facebook has minimal restrictions on running campaigns, so you can be very creative. With multiple formats available, you have a wide range of creatives and copy strategies that you can implement.


Facebook Ads can significantly add to your business’ success. The investment you make in creating compelling, unique campaigns can result in significant returns on ad spend.

If you need help setting this up, we’re here to help! Relevant Digital is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne that specializes in Facebook Advertising. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.