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Share COGs with your agency

If you don’t share your costing data with your agency or team, at some point your conversion marketing is going to fail.

Giving your agency or marketing team an overview on

  • COGS
  • Individual Product Margins
  • Shipping fees
  • Payment processing

Is so important.

Without it, it’s impossible for anybody to make a good decision

How can someone truly know whether to increase or decrease spend if they don’t understand the impact of the decision on the P&L ?

When this information isn’t shared, usually this comes down to a lack of trust/understanding.

If you don’t trust your agency/team with this information, you need a better relationship or a better contract.

Agencies also have a part to play,

There is a common thread to report solely on media spend and returned revenue.

Newsflash – your fees are also part of the marketing expenditure.

They can turn a profitable campaign south pretty quickly.

Agencies – Is this data something you ask for ?

Brands – Is this something you would happily share ?

If not why ?

Let’s kick off some healthy discussion on how much info is too much ?

Is MER/ROAS enough ?