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Consolidation of campaigns is key

Consolidation! This was the buzz word of last year, consolidation everywhere.

We’re now over 12 months on from iOS14 and we’ve reviewed year on year performance for one of our brands (international kids footwear brand).

We can see some pretty big improvements…

Facebook platform metrics:

  • 6% reduction in ad spend
  • 51% reduction in CPA
  • 92% increase in ROAS

Blended new customer metrics

  • 51% increase in new customer revenue
  • 52% reduction in blended new customer CPA
  • 62% increasing in blended new customer ROAS

The biggest changes we made in the account, comparing September YoY?

  • Only 4 campaigns (down from 8!)
  • Allowing the account to spend into the highest performing countries (USA) This took some negotiations with the brand as they wanted to maintain majority of spend in their European home country, however USA had a higher conversion rate, higher AOV and lower return rate!

The consolidated campaign setup we used:

    Only 1 ad set! we started with 2 (broad and interest stack) however broad received majority of spend and showed better performance over time + spend.
    Reaching new TOF audiences with dynamic ads for broad audiences (catalogue)
  • MOF
  • BOF

We don’t have Advantage+ Shopping yet, but when we do we’ll be launching that.