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Tips to Create SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions for Your Business

shopify ecommerce site

If you’re thinking of opening an eCommerce business, you may want to consider using Shopify, a well-recognized online platform catering to entrepreneurs who wish to reach a wider audience. The company offers future business owners plenty of opportunities, including easy management and effective optimisation techniques.

In addition, choosing Shopify over other channels helps you customise your website easily to cater to the needs and demands of your customers, especially your Shopify website design. Before launching your online business, you must guarantee everything is ready, including your content and products.

When it comes to your products, you must strive to promote each of them in the best way possible, and it isn’t enough to display sample photos, a title, and a short description. If you want to increase your chances of attracting more customers, keep reading below to learn how to craft carefully thought-out descriptions for your products that will appear on search engines. 

You Could Focus on the Essentials

The first thing to do when constructing product descriptions is to start with the basics. It includes your product’s name and your meta description, an important part of SEO. You require those elements to rank high on search engines and appear on users’ search results.

It’s up to you if you want your product name or headline to be simple and straight to the point or contain a keyword for optimisation purposes. If you’re unsure what to decide on, you could hire a digital marketing expert to work with you and come up with catchy product names.

You Could Keep Your Content Unique

One essential way to enhance your product descriptions is to double-check and see if they consist of unique content. No matter what, you should avoid copying other brands’ product descriptions just because you’re offering similar items.

Although you can leave the dimensions or serial numbers of products as usual, you could make more effort to boost their description to prove to interested shoppers you have an edge. The same goes for presenting your products, which could involve images and graphics.

You Could Publish Valuable Information

An enticing product page often includes relevant content. For the product description, you could provide in-depth information about your items. By breaking them down in an organised manner, you can further divide them into sections or include bullets to give readers room to breathe.

Avoid giving out insufficient content for your product descriptions because, more often than not, consumers want to see all there is to your offers without requiring them to reach out to you for help. Besides, you should have already included the product images, text, and more helpful details from the start.


Before launching your eCommerce business through Shopify, you must first ensure that everything is set and your products have appropriate descriptions. It must contain the essentials, specifications, and valuable information that are unique and relevant to customers. You could work with a Shopify expert who will be glad to help you make sure your product descriptions can convince more customers that your items are worth buying. 

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