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March 17, 2021

Case Study – Boniik Skincare

CLIENT: Boniik is a leading supplier of Korean skincare in Australia with 4 physical locations in Sydney, Australia & an online presence through Shopify Plus.
GOAL: Reduce median load page speeds throughout from over 6 seconds on average to under 2 seconds.
RESULT: Page load speed decreased from 5.33 seconds to 1.79 seconds which led to an increased conversion rate of 1.79% to 3.54% (over the next 3 months). Google page speed insights scores increased from 49 to 95 (+93%) on desktop & 10 to 77 on mobile (+670%). See before and after images.
Steps taken to improve speed and performance by Relevant Digital:
1) Minify and combine JS & CSS files – to reduce file size and improve page load speed CSS & JavaScript is combined and minified.

2) Eliminated render blocking resources – reduced HTTP requests from 267 to 80

3) Image resizing, compression & optimisation – Our team analysed all images loading on Shopify  pages and helped Boniik resize and optimise images. Larger images were optimized manually for best appearance, and smaller images, as well as product images, were optimised automatically with scripts.

4) Output compression – Dynamic output compression was found to delay first byte time and overall load speed and was disabled in favour of sending either a pre-compressed copy of the resource or an uncompressed copy based on what the browser is able to load.

5) App analysis & removal of old app code

We had a great experience with Relevant Digital. Mark was very responsive and concise. The turnover time was fast and we are happy with the results. Our site speed has increased significantly with no issue!

View the clients testimonial on the Shopify experts marketplace here

Why is site speed so important?

53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Site speed is a ranking factor in the Google SEO algorithm.

If you are spending substantially on digital marketing, improving site speed can improve conversion rates, helping you spend more efficiently.

  • Strategy

    Shopify Speed Optimisation

  • Client

    Boniik Skincare & Beauty

  • Platform

    Shopify Plus

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