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February 1, 2020

Case Study – Skincare brand

CLIENT: Leading skincare brand averaging $200,000.00 a month in revenue via Shopify store.
GOAL: Scale revenue as hard and fast as possible using Facebook™ advertising.
RESULT: Grew revenue from $200k month to $3.8m a month in just 2 months.
1) 19x growth in 2 months

2) Increased daily ad spend from $2000 to $55,000 per day

3) 40 million unique users with close to 300 million impressions

4) Average 3.02 ROAs on Facebook ads

5) Created more than 30 direct jobs and substantially more in supply chain

Interested in Scaling?

Diversifying & strategic manufacturing are key to your growth, time is money.

Be prepared to hire quickly & aggressively.

Insane creative demand. 15-20 variations of ad creative & copy are required weekly to maintain stability.

  • Strategy

    Digital Marketing

  • Client

    Skincare Brand

  • Platform

    Shopify Basic

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