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An Introduction to Facebook Marketing for Shopify Stores


Facebook is the platform that most people see as a pioneer of social media, one that’s used to keep in touch with friends and family. However, the network has branched out more to offer other features that can be helpful for entertainment and business.

E-commerce businesses and Shopify stores have their work cut out for making promotions that will spread the word of their brand to others. Although it might seem far-fetched, using Facebook marketing can be a great way of achieving those goals.

If you’re curious about how utilising Facebook for marketing your brand works, keep reading to learn more. 

What’s Used for Facebook Marketing for Shopify Stores?

Facebook accounts were only limited to creating a profile, but there are several channels that can be used in order to market on the social media site. For instance, there are Facebook groups and marketplaces that are dedicated to different stores that are trying to sell their products there.

Creating a Facebook page directly from your Shopify to join those spaces can get you good results. All that’s needed is proper authentication to confirm that your Shopify will generate its own Facebook account and Business Manager tools. Don’t hesitate to get assistance with setting up your Facebook channels from a professional.

How Does Facebook Marketing for Shopify Stores Go?

When your different channels on Facebook are up, it’s time to execute various marketing strategies on the social media network. One of the classic ways of starting things out is to create posts that would promote your Shopify store and products, placing a link right by it for your followers to click on and visit.

If you don’t have a big follower base yet, one way to build your audience is through creating and running different ad campaigns. There are also paid promotions that you can set up so that more people will find your Facebook profile and, ultimately, your Shopify store. A digital marketing professional can help with navigating these features.

Why Is Facebook Marketing for Shopify Stores Ideal?

Some businesses may wonder whether Facebook marketing truly is worth the time and resources to build up a presence on the platform, and if they should allocate them at all. If you’re wondering what the main benefits of making a profile and advertising on Facebook are, here are three noteworthy advantages:

  • Wide Range of Leads. Facebook has more than two billion people who are actively using the platform, which gives you a healthy pool that you can market to. Find success when you segment and target a certain customer for your Shopify store. 
  • Potential Website Traffic. The goal for E-commerce brands who are trying to market on different platforms is by boosting awareness and driving traffic to their Shopify store. Spread the word about your business and products today.
  • Easy-to-Understand Analytics. Measuring your performance and results is quite important to have some direction on your marketing materials. Facebook provides analytics that is simple and easy to digest, showing you the clicks, conversions and engagement a campaign has racked up. 


Facebook marketing can take your Shopify store to new heights and introduce it to new leads. You never know if your new customers are just a social media post away, so take the leap and invest in your advertising efforts a little further.

Looking for help with digital marketing for Shopify? Relevant Digital is the best-performing digital marketing agency in Melbourne, offering Facebook marketing services and more. Get in touch with us today!