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4 Tips To Write SEO-friendly Descriptions for Your Products

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Why do buyers go online to look for the products they need? They can easily compare different products against each other and even search for more information about specific products in the process. The internet has made finding the perfect product a lot easier. Businesses must ensure that they offer all the information required to attract customers to pick their products. This is where good SEO comes in, where not only does it help a business boost its website’s rank, but it also convinces visitors that they should buy the company’s product. After all, SEO is all about offering visitors the best experience possible, and the happier the customers are, the likelier they’ll buy something.

That being said, one of the most essential SEO strategies you need to implement to get people to buy your products is SEO-friendly descriptions! Here’s how to write one:

1. Know Your Target Audience

The only way you’re going to write something relevant to your audience is to know who you’re writing to in the first place. Are you writing to an older audience, or are you selling to younger individuals? Demographic factors like age, location and such are essential factors to consider to identify your target audience. This will help you understand their behaviour and, in turn, write relevant descriptions.

2. Speak the Customer’s Language

The language you’re writing the description in, while seemingly insignificant, is quite essential. Everyone has their vocabulary level, and knowing the general level of the target audience will allow you to write understandably. For example, if you are targetting industry experts, you can use more challenging words and jargon. However, if you are targetting the general population, simpler words will ensure everyone understands what you’re trying to say.

3. Highlight the Various Features

Your products will have features in them that you surely want to tell your audience about. It helps your product stand out from the crowd, and it can be what customers are looking for to meet their needs. As such, when writing descriptions, always include the various features your products offer. Remember to keep it short and focus on only relevant features that impact your customers.

4. Be Informative and Realistic

No matter the search engine you use, they are all built with algorithms to identify informative content. For that reason, you need to ensure your product pages have informative descriptions. Focus on sharing the features, benefits, and other things that are relevant to the product. While you can use words that praise the product like “top-selling,” you need to remember to offer information that customers can use to know for themselves whether the product meets their needs.


Follow the tips we’ve shared with you today, and we promise that your descriptions will start stealing more attention from the audience. This not only leads to more visits to your product and services but a boost to your SEO effort that overall increases your website’s rank and performance. That said, if there is one last tip we can give you before we end this article, it is this: keep your descriptions simple. You might be tempted to write a 500-word essay about what your product offers, but that’s a mistake. Keep everything short and simple, as you want customers to learn what the product offers without boring them out!

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