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Optimising Your Shopify Store: 3 Strategies to Employ

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Everything has moved online, including commerce. The booming eCommerce industry has seen incredible growth in sales and popularity. Businesses must now try their best to get in front of the line and ahead of their competitors. 

Customers browse through dozens of products online in such a short period, giving businesses only a few seconds to get the exposure their products need. Once a customer feels like they’ve seen enough, they dismiss you just like that.

With such a challenging landscape, you must maximise every tool at your disposal, including your eCommerce website. These days there are more and more platforms to sell your products online, but among the most popular is Shopify. It’s a great platform that you can modify and optimise even further.

Here are three ways to optimise your Shopify store:

1. Remove Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can significantly affect your site’s ranking and put your store in a bad position. There are two types of duplicate content: off-site duplication and on-site duplication.

Off-site duplication is caused by using descriptions similar to the manufacturer’s description on their website. To avoid this, create a unique description for your product on your site. On-site duplication can occur because of issues with your website content management system (CMS). To solve this, it requires a little tinkering with your site’s back-end to get things sorted. It involves a simple adjustment to your code.

Regularly check your website for any duplicate content, as sometimes this can happen for no reason.

2. Ensure a User-Friendly Interface

Customers are attracted to pretty things, but once they click on those pretty things, it’s crucial that they function well and fast. Keep in mind that you are trying to convert your visitors into customers. You will have to prioritise speed in your website because if something takes a little too long to load, your visitor will leave your site in no time.

Make your homepage informative without cluttering it. It’s essential to maintain a pleasing aesthetic, but not to the point where your visitors have to take three to five clicks before finding what they’re looking for or what your product even is. Keep it short, sweet, and pretty.

A better user experience will also improve your Google ranking, dragging more visitors to your site!

3. Install Product Review Apps

Reviews are essential for credibility. Good reviews can do a lot to convert visitors into customers. People don’t want to purchase items they feel unsure about, and reviews help address those concerns. Seeing that other people have bought your products and even cared to leave a review inspires a lot of buyer confidence.

You can also use this as a chance to engage and interact with your customers, highlighting your brand’s trustworthiness and reliability. When people see that you regularly respond to comments and feedback, they feel more comfortable and at ease.


As a business owner looking to make it big in eCommerce, you have to consider the strategies above. Taking care of an online store is important because you only have moments to make a good impression. It is hard, but it can be done. Just like customers who can make a purchase with just a few clicks, you can also optimise your store with just a few clicks.

If you require a Shopify developer to help you get your money’s worth, we can help you with that. Contact us today at Relevant Digital for more effective Shopify strategies!